Hot Drinks to Warm Up with a Slavic Mate

Hot Drinks to Warm Up with a Slavic Mate

Most people think that the only drink that Slavs like is the traditional pure vodka but this assumption is very wrong. The Slavic tradition has a lot more to offer real food enthusiasts. This is so when we are discussing nonalcoholic drinks and traditional recipes to have with your Slavic mate.

Some of these drinks are the healthiest in Eastern Europe and Asia. In this article, we are going to look at some hot drinks to warm up together with a Slavic mate.

Hot Drinks to Warm Up with a Slavic Mate

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Kompot is a favorite among many. It is a favorite sweet drink because after drinking it you can eat the berries from the bottom of the glass. Kompot is a traditional Slavic drink that combines various berries and fruits. It is a good refreshing drink on a date with your Slavic mate.


This drink can be made through various recipes. The traditional drink is made from yeast, sugar, honey, and water. However, this recipe can only be limited to your imagination. Medovukha is one of the oldest Slavic alcoholic drinks that have two and twelve percent alcohol. Spices can also be added such as herbs, fruits, or berries. It is definitely a perfect drink to share with your Slavic mate.


Kissel is an awesome drink that makes you wonder whether you should eat it or drink it due to its consistent thickness. It was a very trendy drink in the Soviet years and was made from various fruits and berries that were cooked with starch. Kissel is mainly served as a dessert after dinner while on a date with your Slavic mate.


Sbiten has its origins thousands of years ago and was a very popular drink before tea made its appearance. It is a sweet drink made from citrus, honey, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger among other species. You can try out this hot Slavic drink on a winter day to warm you and your Slavic mate on your date out.

Hot Drinks to Warm Up with a Slavic Mate

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It has a very important role in Slavic culture. Due to the very chilly Northern climate, it was the most common drink. Locals cherish drinking tea everywhere and as a daily routine. Nowadays tea is preferred to coffee for breakfast. It might also be a go-to hot drink for a date with your Slavic mate.


This one is among the most tried Slavic drink. Kvass is made from wheat, water, buckwheat, and rye bread. The drink might taste like a type of soda and is a perfect drink during the summer when you go out with your Slavic mate. It can be a little alcoholic so do not drink and drive.

In summary, there are many hot Slavic drinks that you can take with your Slavic mate when out on a date. You just have to reach for the menu and make your selection. This article has listed some of the best go-for drinks that will never disappoint.