5 Places to Go On a First Date With Your Latin Woman

5 Places to Go On a First Date With Your Latin Woman

You met this beautiful Latin woman on a dating website. If you’re not an online dating newbie, you’re already aware that women don’t like to wait for too long until you ask them out.

Latin ladies are even more impatient, so you’ll have to make your first move quick.  But the truth is, you won’t impress a Latina with a boring coffee. So, where to take her on a first date? Check out these five winning ideas.

Latin woman
Let’s go somewhere together!

Go to the Movies with your Latin woman

An awesome way to break the ice without the risk of falling into awkward conversations or embarrassing moments of silence is by taking her to a movie. You hopefully know by now what genres she likes or, if you don’t, you can just pick a random show.

This is a great way to test how compatible you are by sharing thoughts and feelings about the movie you just saw.

Have Fun in An Amusement Park

One thing to know about your Latin woman – and most Latinas, as a matter of fact – is that she probably has a lively spirit and loves all things fun.

An amusement park, thus, sounds like a great first date idea. You can share lots of laughs and thrills, show off your manly skills by hunting a cute plush animal for her and have your chance to steal a hug or a kiss in those spooky darkened tunnels or horror houses.

Hop from One Bar to Another

Inviting her to a drink is an online dating classic, but don’t settle on just one place. Bar hopping can be fun and gives you a way of knowing each other better. Plan a whole night out; pick three or four bars located within walking distance from one another, and take your time to get to know her on the way.

To add some spice and liven up the conversation, you can even play a round of Would You Rather while moving from one bar to another.

Latin woman
I want to be your soulmate!

Visit a Museum

Museums may seem boring, but you can impress your Latin woman by taking her to a contemporary art exhibition. Or perhaps a modern art gallery that displays works of Spanish or Latin American artists, such as Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali.

Not only your date will feel dang classy, but you’ll also have plenty of conversation topics, such as sharing your ideas about the exhibits.

Go to a Tea House with your Latin woman

The standard coffee date is nice because it gives you plenty of face-to-face time. To be honest, though, your Latin woman will probably find it extremely boring. So, why don’t you take her to tea instead of coffee?

The tea ceremony will put you in contact with another country’s culture and speak volumes of how compatible you are.

A successful first date is just the first step towards building a relationship with your Latin woman. BeHappy2Day.com might help you find her, but it’s your job to make her fall in love with you. If done right, any of these suggestions can lead to fulfilling love life, so pick your favorite and give it a try!