Most unusual ways to introduce yourself to a lady when dating online

Most unusual ways to introduce yourself to a lady when dating online

When you’re dating online you will no doubt speak to lots of ladies from all around the world, but how can you stand out from the crowd?

Dating online is a brilliant way to meet ladies, but it can be a competitive world. So, you’ll no doubt spend a lot of time perfecting your profile and what you say to girls in the first few conversations.

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But what about that very first conversation? Making a good first impression is vital, so it’s worth thinking about just how to make a lasting impression. It’s time to show some originality and do things a little different.

Here are some ideas for you as we examine the most unusual ways to introduce yourself to a lady when dating online.

Send her a message in her native language

A very simple yet very under-used way of instantly grabbing the attention of a lady you meet when dating online is to speak to her in her own language. Instead of sending that standard first message, try saying something in her own language. There are so many translation services available now that this is so easy. Minimal effort for maximum impact!

Go informal when dating online

Many men are tempted to keep things really formal when speaking to women for the first time online, but this may be where your problem lies. Instead, be more relaxed and informal. Research shows that using a greeting such as “hey”, “yo” or even “howdy” is much more likely to get a response than “hi”, “hello” or other traditional greetings.

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Ask a real question

If you noticed that you sometimes struggle to get conversations flowing with ladies when dating online, then perhaps try asking her a substantial question. We’re not talking “how are you?” or “what’s up?”. Instead, aim for something a bit more in-depth. Her profile may provide some inspiration for this. Ask about her hometown, her hobby or something that is not usually an opening question. It will peak her interest and probably prompt some good conversation!

Use a totally random word linked to a hobby

Here’s a new tactic; if the lady you’re about to talk to has a random hobby on her profile, or perhaps mentions a small town or something a bit different, try opening conversation with just a single word. Because it’s so random, it will almost certainly get her attention and get your conversation off to a good start.