What to discuss at the first date with a Russian woman?

What to discuss at the first date with a Russian woman?

If you’re looking to meet a Russian woman through the online dating world then chances are you’ll be wondering what to speak to them about. A lot of people assume that mail order brides and Russian women, in particular, might be tricky to speak to, but the reality is they’re just like any other women about there.

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Through our video chat process, you can talk to a Russian woman face-to-face which makes communication a lot easier. Women from this area of the world are incredibly Westernized and have a lot of the same ideals, values and hobbies as those of us from the other side of the world. A lot of the mail order brides do not speak English as their native language but you don’t need to worry about this as we offer translation services which can make the process easier. Being able to video chat and see the Russian woman you’re speaking to will make a world of difference because body language and facial expressions can express as much as words can.

You may be concerned about cultural differences between yourself and the beautiful lady in question; perhaps you have never dated or spoken to a Russian woman before. The last thing you’ll want to do is cause offence by asking the wrong thing or discuss something which may be deemed inappropriate.

Firstly before you venture onto online dating and the world of video chat relax, calm down and just get excited; you never know this could be the love of your life you end up talking to. To ensure that everything goes right you should make sure that you do not only talk about yourself as this will portray the image that you are self-involved and are not interested in getting to know the wonderful Russian woman you are talking to. Ask questions about her and find out more about her life. You’ll find Russian women are fiercely close with their families and very proud of this so ask about her family as this will show you are interested in her life.

Make sure that you keep the conversation with mail order brides light-hearted and don’t get too deep or involved when you first have a conversation through video chat. An initial conversation should give you both a good idea about what the other person is like and whether you have enough in common to speak again. If all goes well and you do arrange to continue talking there is plenty of time to delve into more intense conversations as time progresses.

You should avoid talking about sex, ex’s or past relationships on a first date with a Russian woman as the conversation should be based around you and her and not involve talking about other women. All girls regardless of cultural background want to feel attractive and desired, but a first date is not the place to talk about sex, make advances or undress her with your eyes. Creating a stimulating conversation with some chemistry involved is far more endearing than vulgar behaviour.

Much like women from the Western world, Russian women are just looking for a man who they can share their lives with and build a future with. When you’re on a first date the same etiquette should follow regardless of the women you’re dating.