Traveling tips


Luggage weight and size limits

Luggage allowance is defined by the destination and the class of the airfare. Please keep in mind the following weight limits:

1) Economy:

  • Up to 2 bags could be checked in, weight of each bag should not exceed 50 lbs and dimensions, which are calculated by adding the total outside dimensions of each bag (that is: length + width + height ) should not exceed 62 inches.
  • Any bag which weighs between 50 lbs and 70 lbs will be subject to overweight baggage charge.

2) Business class:

  • Up to 2 bags could be checked in, each bag should not exceed weight limit of 70 lbs and size limit of 62 inches.

Carry-on bag should not exceed 18 lbs. The following are acceptable carry-on items:

  • purses
  • necessary documents (passport and tickets)
  • prescribed medicine
  • glasses and/or contact lenses
  • 1 coat and a blanket
  • a small camera
  • an umbrella or a walking stick

Carry on items do not have to be declared at the customs.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical Appliances including cameras, laptops, organizers and MP3 players have become immense part of our lives. These devices could help brighten up a long and tiresome flight. You can also bring different photos to show to ladies as it will give them a better idea of the area of where you live or work.

Lost or Damaged Luggage

We advise all our clients to have an identification tag with your name, phone and address on all checked in bags. If your luggage is lost or damaged you should address the Lost & Found Department Representative at the airport you have arrived in. Such service is present in any International Airport. There you should fill out the application form by stating distinctive features of your luggage which will help to identify it. The form should be written in two copies one of which is submitted to the Lost and Found Department, and the second copy is for your records. One of our interpreters will be at the airport to pick you up and help you with any problems or questions that may arise. We also recommend taking an extra set of clothing in a carry-on bag in case your luggage may get lost.

Items to bring

We recommend you to bring the following items:

    1. Photos: it is always a good idea to bring lots of pictures of your hometown, family, your residence and work. Pictures will help ladies to get to know and understand you and your life style much better.
    2. Gifts: it is a tradition in Russia and Ukraine to give gifts when you meet someone. Small souvenirs like key chains, fridge magnets that represent your country and little gifts like chocolate, flowers are very well received by ladies. Please keep it in mind that you should not declare any gifts (expensive or not) at the customs as they will cause additional paperwork and possibly additional fees.
    3. Medications: make sure to bring necessary medications that you might need during your trip. Medical care will be provided to you in case of emergency.
    4. Money: ATM machines are available in all cities where you will meet ladies and there is no need to bring much cash with you. We usually recommend our clients to not bring more than $ 1500 US in cash. If you are bringing any cash with you, please make sure to take only new bills (bank notes) as old ones may not be accepted by banks. Moreover, make certain that bills (bank notes) do not have any scratches, marks or spots, because if they do, they will be exchanged at a discounted rate. Please do not forget to inform the bank that issued your credit card that you are travelling to Russia or Ukraine and will be using your card there so the credit card would not be blocked. In case you decide to bring traveller’s checks, please remember that it is very hard to exchange them outside of Moscow, so please exchange them in Moscow International Airport.
    5. Cameras: we advise you to bring a camera with you as pictures will make trip more memorable and also, it is necessary to have pictures with your ladies to apply for a fiancee visa if you decide so later.
    6. Electrical Converters: In Russia and Ukraine all electrical outlets are 220 volts and of European style, we recommend bringing electrical converters with you so you could charge your electrical devices fast and hassle free.



    1. Apartments: we offer our guest apartments that are within walking distance of our office, there are two kinds you might choose from. Our apartments feature Russian and European style rooms which are fully furnished with hot water heater, tv, microwave oven, fridge etc. A cozy, private atmosphere and nice alternative to a hotel stay. If you would like to stay in the apartment for more than one week you will receive a discounted price.
    2. Hotels: In Tver there are several hotels available with variety of prices and styles. If you prefer to stay at a hotel, please notify us by an e-mail and we would be happy to make your reservations Please keep it in mind that the hotel industry in Russia is on a lower quality standard comparing to the hotels worldwide. For example, a 5-star hotel is equal to a 3-star hotel in the USA or Europe.


  1. Hotels: in every Ukrainian city and town there are hotels which you will be able to book for the dates of your stay. You are welcome to contact the administration of the site which will be very glad to help you with your accommodations. But again, please keep in mind that hotels in Ukraine are also on a lower quality standard comparing to the world.

Security measures

Basic rules

All tour cities are safe for our clients but still it’s important to follow the basic safety rules of behavior like in any other city:

  • Do not carry a lot of cash with you.
  • Do not leave your wallet, phone, laptop or camera in public places.
  • Do not carry your wallet in the back pocket as it might be a very easy target for thieves.
  • There are a variety of night clubs and other places of entertainment in every city and if you are thinking about inviting your lady there, please use the help of an interpreter for advice on finding a good and safe place.
  • We do not recommend our clients to walk alone at night. The best way to get home is by taking a taxi.


Make sure you are familiar with the weather forecast for the dates you will be visiting. Bring adequate clothing.

Possible difficulties

Lost passport

We recommend you to make at least one photocopy of your passport and carry it with you for identification purposes. The photocopy will come in handy in case you lose your passport.

Russia: You can replace your lost, stolen or damaged passport at the Consular Section at the Embassy of your country in Moscow. You should provide the following:

  • Documents which establish your identity and citizenship (driving license, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Application for passport
  • Statement regarding lost or stolen passport
  • Two passport photos

Embassies and Consulates accept passport applications and electronically forward them to the National Passport Center in the United States or Europe. The full validity passport is then sent back to the Embassy or Consulate to be issued to the applicant. The turn around time for this process is usually five business days.

Ukraine: In case you lose your passport in Ukraine you should fill out a police report at the local police station. Then, you should bring this police report to the Embassy of your country in Kiev as proof of lost passport. You should present the following:

  • police report
  • photocopy of your passport
  • any document establishing your identity and citizenship
  • application for passport
  • two passport photos

The processing fee is $30 US.

Got lost

We would recommend you to carry a paper with the address of the place where you stay. In case you get lost you will be able to take a taxi and show the address to the taxi-driver that could take you to your hotel or apartment.