Top facts about Ukrainian women

Top facts about Ukrainian women

When visiting Ukraine or chatting on dating websites, men are often blown away by how beautiful Ukrainian women are.

However, beauty goes beyond looks, and there are many other things about ladies in Ukraine that you should know prior to getting into a relationship with them. If you’re already enjoying a happy relationship with Ukrainian women, then it still pays to know as much about them as possible.

Here are our top facts about Ukrainian women:

Ukrainian women

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Public displays of affection do not come quickly

In the western world, it’s common that you will very quickly become comfortable with your lady in public, even very early in the relationship. Ukrainian women are slightly different, however, and generally, they will not be comfortable holding hands or kissing in public in the early days. Over time, she will become more comfortable with this, but do not feel disappointed if this takes several months, it’s perfectly normal in Ukraine.

They believe in romance

Ukrainian women are very big on romance, and so it’s important that you pay attention to this from day one. While you will not be expected to go over the top, paying your Ukrainian lady regular compliments and buying her occasional gifts will really help impress her and make her feel comfortable with you.

Love is serious

Despite what you may read on the internet, Ukrainian women are very serious when it comes to love, and loyalty to their partners. While it can take a while to really build a strong relationship, once it is in place if your Ukrainian lady falls in love with you then it should not be taken lightly.  Once in a loving relationship, she will also most likely be incredibly loyal to you and will go out of her way to be there for you.

Family  is really important

Ukrainian women

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In the Ukraine, it’s common for a lady to introduce her partner to her family before marriage. Indeed, if a relationship has real promise, then you may be introduced to them at an earlier point.  Always keep in mind however that if you are introduced to her family, she is likely very serious about the relationship you have and she sees marriage as a genuine long-term possibility.

Ukrainian women are ambitious

Women in Ukraine can be fiercely ambitious when it comes to their own careers. A common misconception is that they are happy to simply play the role of happy housewife, but increasingly Ukrainian women have strong careers and very real aspirations for where it could take them. You should be as willing to support them in their career as they are in yours.

Bad language and dirty jokes are not acceptable

In the western world, some women can be perfectly accepting of jokes and puns even if they include swear words or humor that is disrespectful.  This is most certainly not the same with Ukrainian women.  Generally speaking, bad language and dirty jokes will at the very least be frowned upon, and in the worst case scenario, they can be found insulting.