The Best Ways for your Ukrainian Girlfriend to Learn English

The Best Ways for your Ukrainian Girlfriend to Learn English

If you’ve met the love of your life but are finding it a challenge communicating, you may be asking how best to teach your Ukrainian girlfriend English.

If you’re fortunate enough to be dating a beautiful lady from overseas, then you will be familiar with the many benefits it brings. Having a lovely woman from another country is exciting, teaches you new customs and cultures and can make you feel alive.

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However, there is one small challenge that can sometimes lead to a little frustration – the language barrier. Having a date who speaks a different language can lead to some tricky moments, so, how do you go about helping your Ukrainian girlfriend to learn English?

Thankfully, it may not be as hard as it may first seem. We’ve put together a list of tips for the best ways for her to pick up the language.

Video chat

Video chat with your Ukrainian girlfriend is going to be a huge help for her when it comes to learning the English language. The more you can chat by video the better as it allows her to be watching your lips and how you talk – this helps her to understand what you are saying and hopefully goes someway to teaching her the correct use of the language.

Writing letters and messages

While video chat is invaluable, exchanging properly written letters and messages can also really help her. Having the words written down is especially useful during the early days of learning the language as she can read them slowly and at her own pace.

Speak clearly and don’t use slang

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It’s important that you speak slowly and clearly when communicating. Also, try not to use any local language or slang terms which may confuse her. Stick to proper English language and use words for the purpose they are meant. This will help your Ukrainian girlfriend a lot. Also, when messaging, do not use shortened text speak and abbreviations. This can be confusing.

Watch movies

A brilliant way of picking up the English language is to watch movies in English. This has been a technique which has helped generations of young people to pick up other languages simply by enjoying their favourite films. 

Stick at it

Finally, stick at it and encourage her as often as possible. We all know how tough it is to learn a new language and your Ukrainian girlfriend is doing to need support in order to fully grasp it.