TopTen Communication Tips When Your Russian Bride Doesn’t Speak English

TopTen Communication Tips When Your Russian Bride Doesn’t Speak English

It’s one thing to be traveling to a different country and not be able to properly communicate because you don’t speak the language. It’s another thing to be at home and not be able to communicate with your spouse because you don’t speak their language. That can be somewhat of a problem. Russian brides and their future husbands often face this dilemma. Here are ten great time-tested language learning tips and techniques that will help you and your Russian bride break that inconvenient language barrier.

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#1 – Use Modern Technology: There are all sorts of language translators and lessons giving computer and smartphone applications available on the World Wide Web – Use them! Many are also free or have “trial periods” in which to initially try them out at no cost. Look through all the App choices that are available with your non-English speaking Russian bride, and then decide together on one that’s both fun to use, and also fits all of your language learning needs.

#2 – Listen and Watch: Just because Russian mail order brides sometimes don’t speak much English, doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate right away with them. Listen and watch. When your Russian bride points to a glass and speaks Russian, it’s a valid assumption that she may be thirsty. By pointing at food, she is probably hungry, and so on; you get the point. You Can Communicate Without Speaking the Same Language!

#3 – Formal or Non-Formal? This is a good question to always ask that solely depends on both the setting and the context of the potential conversation involved. This is why you should always teach both formal and informal English. That way, both can be used in future appropriate conversational situations. Start with the formal version first, then, move on to the informal version after your Russian bride fully comprehends the proper pronunciations and meanings of the formal sentences, and also the terms that are being taught to her.

#4 – Slow Down and Relax: Not only slow down how you talk, but also make sure that the pace that you’re setting isn’t too overwhelming. No one can learn in a stressful environment. No one can really understand you either if you talk too slowly, so don’t try to overdo it when teaching your Russian wife English – Take it easy!

#5 – Take Teaching Seriously: Communication is an important part of a relationship. Russian girls come to an online dating website looking for a new life and bringing with them an exciting new perspective as a foreign-born wife. Their incredible courage in traveling to your country, plus their unwavering faith in your new found marriage should be rewarded; by taking your Russian bride’s needs seriously, and then showing her so by acting accordingly. Your Russian bride may take some English classes if she likes, to get some basic language skills.

#6 – Use Paper and Motion: Utilize what you have to work with. At first, writing it out with basic words and self-explanatory illustrations can be a great way to begin, when faced with a communication problem with your Russian bride. Don’t let things get ridiculous by getting distracted by an endless game of charades. Learning can be fun, but not all fun and games.

#7 – Be Fair and Share: Don’t just focus on the English language. It’s only fair that you learn some Russian when you marry Russian women. Learning each other’s languages simultaneously, will not only bring you closer together, but also provide a bonding achievement that you and your Russian bride will never forget and always appreciate.

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#8 – Keep Your Cool: Don’t lose your patience. Not being able to fully communicate is not only frustrating for you, but for her too. Make sure that you take brakes when things seem overly perplexing or patience starts to run thin. No communication at all is still better than angrily communicating with your Russian wife.

#9 – Don’t Complicate Things: Try and keep words and sentences as short and simple as possible. Don’t us slang though, and also stick to basic words. Keep it both correct and easy to understand. Try not to use same sounding words with different meanings when talking with your beautiful Russian lady, like duel and dual. This will help to keep confusion at a minimum.

#10 – Don’t Stop Trying: Breaking through a language barrier with your Russian bride may sometimes not always be easy, but it’s always rewarding. Keep at it and your mutual communication skills are bound to naturally improve – When it does; move on up to the next level and so on.