Ten Thanksgiving Wishes From Russian Singles to You

Ten Thanksgiving Wishes From Russian Singles to You

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time when Russian singles are looking to meet Western men who are taking a little time off for the holiday.

In the US specifically, Thanksgiving is a public holiday which allows many people to take some time off. For those men who are looking for love, they may spend additional time online looking for that perfect lady.

Searching for Russian singles during Thanksgiving is a great idea and holidays are always a special time to find love. If you haven’t met that special lady yet, we’ve gone and spoke to several who would like to send their best wishes for Thanksgiving.

I’d love to spend this Thanksgiving with you!

Irina, Moscow:

I spent some time in the US a couple years ago and I LOVED celebrating Thanksgiving. It was such a lively and happy time as the atmosphere everywhere was so friendly and buoyant. I wish you all the very best for Thanksgiving and enjoy your time off!

Maria, Saint Petersburg:

Thanksgiving has always fascinated me, it looks so festive and everyone looks like they have a great time. If I could send you one wish for Thanksgiving, it would be to take some time for yourself, look for love and enjoy the holiday for what it is.

Natalia, Simferopol:

Happy Thanksgiving from Simferopol! If I could take some days off at this time of year I’d most definitely spend it looking for love! There are many Russian singles just like myself who would love the opportunity to meet someone new and perhaps start a new romance off. Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time for you to get online and meet someone new!

Russian Singles

I hope we’ll find each other this Thanksgiving!

Maya, Sochi:

Lots of Russian singles are waiting online for you to come and speak to us this Thanksgiving. I’ve always dreamed of travelling to celebrate Thanksgiving in America, and while I may not be able to do that this year, it would be great to help you enjoy it by spending some time getting to know you! Who knows where it could take us.

Nina, Moscow:

Wow, it’s Thanksgiving already! The year goes by so quickly. Have a great time celebrating with family and friends and take some time to relax. I would spend some time trying to get to know somebody new online! Is there a better time to find love than during one of the biggest holidays of the year?!