March 8th: What Russian Ladies Like to Receive

March 8th: What Russian Ladies Like to Receive

The 8th of March in Russia marks International Women’s Day and is a day to celebrate Russian ladies and women from across the world whilst recognizing their fight for women’s rights. The celebration is a public holiday in Russia and provides the perfect opportunity for Russian ladies to be appreciated and men buy gifts in recognition for the hard work and commitment of the females in their lives.

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Our lady Yulia likes receiving gifts, and who doesn’t?

The Russian Public Opinion Research Centre recently conducted a poll to determine how men choose which gift to buy for women on this holiday. According to the results, the majority of Russians used their own judgment about what a Russian woman would like to receive (33%). Many Russians also ask the woman directly to ascertain what she would like to receive (25%) or use their budget to determine the best gift (23%). Increasingly, it’s becoming less likely for Russian ladies to receive traditional gifts such as flowers (14%) and it’s very unlikely that a woman will be gifted with money (8%). Some men still consult with friends and relatives in choosing a gift (8%).

Gifts on this day are traditionally feminine and gender orientated. The gift is used to symbolize gratitude, love, and respect for a woman. Below is a list of some of the most highly favored gifts that Russian ladies like to receive on this date.


Arguably the most popular gift to give on the 8th of March, flowers are received by a high proportion of women. The most popular choices are roses and yellow mimosas, with bouquet sizes varying dependent upon budget. Check our Flowers gallery.

Chocolate and Candy

Sweet treats are given to several women and are personalized in as much as they are bought to reflect the Russian woman’s preference. Some commercial options are available and incorporate themes of love, women and female-oriented roles. Sweet Romantic Sets are here.

Fragrances and Cosmetics

Many men take this holiday as an opportunity to buy Russian ladies their favorite perfume or cosmetics. This is a preferred choice for many women as this gift lasts longer and is more pragmatic than other more traditional options. Furthermore, in buying this type of gift, a man is confirming that he understands the woman and her likes thoroughly. Perfumes and Make-up galleries.


If budget permits, jewelry is warmly received by most Russian ladies. The holiday offers an ideal opportunity for proposals for some or gestures of commitment and love and this is often accompanied by a piece of jewelry that recognizes the lady’s style and taste.


The holiday is often celebrated as a family occasion and so many men gift their Russian woman with presents such as DVDs and games. This allows for interactive fun with those that are celebrating and is sure to create cherished memories. Gadgets are waiting for you.

As a general rule, the favored option for giving gifts on the 8th of March is to recognize the Russian ladies’ preferences and tastes and tailor the present to them. By making the gift personalized in this way, the thought and effort are as rewarding as the unwrapped item itself.

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