What is the “chemistry” between you and a Russian woman?

What is the “chemistry” between you and a Russian woman?

What a Russian woman is likely looking for?

So, you have come to an online dating site looking for the intensity of a Russian lady. Not only that, but you would like to feel some chemistry with this Russian woman. The first questions must be: what is she looking for in her man?

Russian woman

I wanna feel real love!

A Russian woman is a strong woman. She will speak her mind and she will accept no nonsense from her partner. She will be looking for you to be strong-willed too – a Russian woman will not enjoy someone who is easy to master. She wants to be chased, but she also wants to do the chasing. So, with a Russian woman – be prepared to have your battles and your playful exchange of words. With a Russian lady, be prepared, ready on the balls of your feet.

What is chemistry anyway?

How do you know if you have chemistry with a woman? Is it even possible to work this out through a dating service? The answer is yes, and the clue is in the name. You will feel a stirring of chemicals deep inside. You may wonder how this is different from experiencing lust – and you would be asking a great question. A yearning to sleep with a woman is not the same as chemistry. Chemistry is something more than this.
So, what is the added ingredient. Well, it is a look that you hold a little too long; it is a ping when your skin touches; it is an exchange of electricity. Chemistry is that sense that you may have met before and maybe you were always meant to meet.

Russian woman

Are you the man of my dreams?

What is chemistry with a Russian woman?

Chemistry with a Russian woman is no different to chemistry with any woman the world over. You are likely to feel it in your gut before you know it in your mind.
The difference? She may tell you about it before you tell her. She may insist that you meet her family sooner rather than later. She may show you her passion – of which there will be lots.

Feeling chemistry with a Russian woman is an intense experience. You will spark the air with the feelings shared and you will have to try hard to resist making a move too soon.

You may have thought you were just looking for an online date, but with this chemistry, you may have found your Russian bride!