Why Appearance is Important for Your Asian Lady

Why Appearance is Important for Your Asian Lady

Throughout many Asian cultures, quite a lot of importance is put on female beauty. This is likely to have had an influence on your Asian lady who will care about what she looks like and be keen to always look her best.

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Growing Up Within Asian Culture

We all know the way we are brought up by our parents helps to mold us into the adults that we are today. There is quite a lot of pressure on young Asian women to pay attention to their appearance and ensure that they do not bring negative attention to the family. Men in Asia are pressured growing up too but this is more about being well educated, getting a good job, and being able to provide for their family in the future.

For women within Asia, there is a big pressure to find a partner and settle down – with parents keen to make sure their daughters are beautiful enough to find a suitor. Of course, the chances are you would find your Asian lady attractive even if she were wearing a bin bag, but it is important to have an understanding of the way she may feel about her appearance.

How You Can Support Her

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Everyone wants to hear that she is beautiful and your Asian lady is unlikely to be an exception. However, if she still feels the underlying pressure to always look her best or to do her makeup before she leaves the house then do not judge on this. It is really hard to unlearn behaviors we have learned as young people and the pressure on Asian women as they grow up will be something difficult to untangle themselves from.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with supporting her through wanting to change her mindset, if she does. Just remind her every day that she is beautiful and the reasons why you are together and hopefully one day she’ll realize that beauty is only skin deep and that you love her for so many more reasons than what she looks like.

Understanding Each Other

For any relationship to be successful it is important that you understand each other’s needs and what can affect this. By understanding her deep-rooted need to look good and what this means to her, you have a much better chance of being able to develop a relationship. Understanding the needs of your partner is really important, so make sure you talk about your past too and how this has shaped the adult you are today.