What Does Your Russian Woman’s Favorite Color Say About Her?

What Does Your Russian Woman’s Favorite Color Say About Her?

When you first meet a woman online, you might choose to make small talk with a few lighthearted questions like “what’s your favorite color?”, but if you’re looking to date a Russian woman that question might mean more than you think. In general, Russians are big on color theory – each color symbolises something, so knowing what each color means to a Russian woman might help you to understand her better. Here’s a few of the most popular color choices to get you started.

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Red is often considered one of the brightest colors of the Russian language. While English speakers might associate more negative words like anger with the color, red has the most positive connotations in the Russian language. The word red is very similar to the word beautiful (call your Russian woman “krasivy” if you want to impress). Moscow’s main square is even called “Red Square” because of its beauty rather than the color of the buildings. Red means beauty, love and courage.


If your Russian woman says that her favorite color is white it might seem like an odd choice but the connotations associated with the color white is very strong in the Russian language. White symbolises nobility and frankness, so if your Russian woman loves the color white, she may find someone frank-speaking to be more honorable.

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Blue is another color that has very strong connotations, all of them very positive. The color blue stands for faithfulness and honesty. These are two qualities that would be seen as very important when dating a Russian woman, so if she asks what your favorite color is then consider saying blue!


Yellow is another very popular color for Russian women because it symbolises warmth and sunshine – something that’s very much lacking in a Russian winter. Yellow encourages relaxation, peace, communication and balanced emotions. If your Russian woman chooses yellow, it’s likely that she’s more laid back, values open communication and may be looking for someone similar.


The color green is linked to the environment and therefore, those that say their favorite colour is green usually care about the environment and wanting to make sure they do as much as they can to protect it.

Color symbolism is very strong in Russian culture so, if you’re wondering what questions to ask your potential date, asking for her favorite color is a great way to start the conversation and may actually tell you more about her than you think.