Reasons Why Every Man Should Date a Russian Woman

Reasons Why Every Man Should Date a Russian Woman

Russian girls….ooh la la! No matter how short or long the relationship, it’s always worth entering into Shangri-La for a brief time; you’ll be forever changed, and you’ll have a new set of standards for what is possible in a relationship.

What is it that makes these ice princesses so coveted, so sought after? Is it their fiery temper, maybe their smile or the fact that they can keep you warm on the coldest winter nights? Their austere beauty that seems to originate from other realms? Their quiet intelligence and commitment to loyalty that surpasses all others?

Consider yourself lucky if you get to date a Russian woman, for they are quite discriminating in their tastes and their choice for partners. Dating Russian women is not for the faint of heart, though; you must be strong, authentic, and willing to create something worth sticking around for, or you won’t keep them very long. Here are some reasons why every man should consider dating a Russian woman:

She has a killer collection of Russian pop music

Forget Britney Spears, Rhianna, and Taylor Swift… haven’t heard real pop music until you’ve heard the real thing from Russia. These little brain germs will settle themselves into your gray matter and live there for all eternity; ask her about her collection the next time you two have some time to kill in the car, and then wait for the stories to unfold of how she came about finding them.

She knows about the best candy in the world

Russians focus much of their time on their food and fare, as there isn’t much else to do during those long, cold winters. If you date her long enough, she is likely to let you in on some best kept secrets such as Russian chocolates, tortes, and sugary confections that will ensure cavities are yours in the future. If you have a sweet tooth, cozy up with your honey and let her show you where the sugar is.

She is pure grit

No one walks all over her—she is not a pushover, and can stand her ground during the fiercest battle. While this may come off as aggressive at times, she has been raised to question authority and to put her loyalties and her passions in the same place. Our advice? Stay on her good side, and win her heart. Then you two can conquer the world together.

Her frank deliver is a breath of fresh air

No Minnesota nice here—she will tell you like it is, whether you want to hear it or not. She maximizes communication time by getting to the point right away. When you ask her a question, just be ready for the answer, no matter what it is.

She is loud and passionate

Didn’t we say that dating Russian women was not for the faint of heart? Don’t confuse her loud delivery with an uncouth manner; she is simply passionate and opinionated. Bring her to church, and then sit in the back row. If she gets a little raucous about what the content of the day’s sermon is, you can always slip out the back door after she lets those around you know how she feels.

She’s loyal to a fault

Those closest to her heart have her wrapped around their fingers; there is nothing she wouldn’t do for them. Beware when talking about her family; if you talk a little smack, you’re likely to get some yourself. The good news about this loyalty? If you win her heart, she’s there for you through thick and thin.

She knows how to party

When you date a Russian woman, prepare to have a good time. Party going and entertaining are in her blood, and she’s good at both, whether a guest or a host. Every Russian lady is unique with respect to how much she’ll let out of the closet, but rest assured, she will enjoy herself, no matter what you are doing together.

She takes pride in her appearance

When it comes to creating a signature look for herself, a Russian lady will not disappoint. Fashion is very important to a Russian woman as it allows her to express her most unique aspects, and from the tresses on her head to the nails on her toes, she creates a look that is bold and beautiful.

Her intelligence is her strength

Don’t try to outsmart her—because you won’t. Don’t try to deceive her—it won’t happen. These ladies are about as smart as they come, and learning to appreciate that means you will have a clear path to mutual respect and admiration. A smart man knows how to appreciate a smart woman, when to pay her the most attention and he also knows that her intelligence needs to be valued.

beautiful and intelligent russian girl

She will love like no other

She is strong-willed, passionate, and fiery, not to mention hard to forget. Once you date a Russian woman, you get a taste of just how sweet a relationship can be. Buckle up; you’re in for one amazing ride!