10 Cute Pick-Up Lines to Win An Asian Lady’s Heart

10 Cute Pick-Up Lines to Win An Asian Lady’s Heart

Although everyone has their own sense of humour, the Asian culture generally doesn’t like offensive or vulgar humour. Whereas you might like the odd toilet based jokes or something of ill-taste, it is most definitely something that you should avoid if you want to make a good impression in a chat with an Asian Lady.

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Inoffensive Chat-Up Lines

That doesn’t mean that you should avoid pick-up lines altogether when talking to an Asian lady, but it does mean you should consider what you’re saying before you set out to impress. Without a doubt, non-offensive pick-up lines are the way forward. To be honest with you, chatting to any lady and wanting to make a good impression should automatically mean that you don’t use bad-taste humour but even more so when chatting to an Asian lady. Some good examples of chat-up lines you might want to use include:

  1. How much does a polar bear weight? Just enough to break the ice
  2. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?
  3. I’m studying to become a historian, I’m especially interested in finding a date
  4. Are you a camera? I look at you and smile.
  5. Even in zero gravity I would still fall for you.

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Get Straight To The Point

Of course, if you really like the look of an Asian lady you could just come out and tell her that you like her & would like to get to know her better.

  1. I’ve lost my phone number – can I have yours?
  2. Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?
  3. Any chance you have an extra hear? Mine’s just been stolen

Extra Cheese!

Of course, if you’re really feeling romantic then you could always step things up a gear and pull out a cheese-filled chat-up line to make your Asian lady smile.

  1. You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line
  2. You’re so sweet you’re giving me toothache

Everyone has a different sense of humour and not every Asian lady is going to love every pick-up line. However, one thing you can be sure of is that they will really appreciate you not making hints to getting them into bed or something of this nature, which you can be sure that any Asian lady is not going to appreciate at all.