Your First Conversation with a Russian Girl

Your First Conversation with a Russian Girl


So you’ve found a beautiful Russian girl. She seems smart and has a great sense of humor, and most importantly, she is also interested in you! You can’t wait to hit it off with this girl and see how far the two of you can go.

Here comes the BUT! You’re so excited that you don’t know what to do now. You’re tongue tied and can’t seem to mumble something up to begin your conversation with her while she’s still waiting for you to say something. What do you do now? You probably don’t know anything about her culture or her country to spark up an interesting conversation. GULP.

Well, lucky for you, here’s a list of things that you can talk to about with the Russian girl in your first conversation:

topics of conversation with Russian girl


There is no doubt that intelligent men get special attention from Russian ladies as intelligence is the number one trait they look for in their marriage partner. One way to express your intelligence is to discuss Russian politics, more specifically the recent Russian election with her. This will give the impression that you are well aware of what is going around the world and are probably smart enough to discuss these matters, i.e. bonus points!


Among the traits of Russian women, one which is well-known and probably stands out is their love for traveling. Not only do they love to travel but also enjoy hearing stories about places that other people have visited, particularly if the place is exotic! Now this doesn’t mean you should head out on your journey to exotic lands, but if you’ve ever been to such places then the Russian lady would love to hear about your experience!


Although there is a vast number of Western people that don’t seem too interested in Russian food, particularly because of not being used to it, you should try being a bit more open minded. Try out a few restaurants nearby that serve Russian cuisine. You should get used to dishes such as pelmeni, borsht and Russian salad. Discussing these with the Russian lady will help you establish a good conversation. Who knows, in the future you might be having these for dinner on a daily basis once you’re married to the Russian girl!

These topics will be enough for you to successfully hit it off with a Russian girl in your first conversation!