Favorite hobbies of Ukrainian single women

Favorite hobbies of Ukrainian single women

Ukrainian single women are great fun to be around, and knowing a few of their favourite hobbies and what they like to do in their spare time can really help cement a relationship.

Like women elsewhere in the world, Ukrainian single women will love to socialize and spend time out with friends, drinking and partying. However, they will also have more specific hobbies that will love like to spend their time doing.

Here are some of the most popular hobbies of Ukrainian single women.

Ukrainian single women

I love cooking! Would you like to taste my dishes?


While in parts of the Western world embroidery is a little dated, it is still incredibly popular in Ukraine. Younger ladies, and Ukrainian single women, will regularly help their mothers out with embroidery, or take it over. Many household items in Ukraine are adorned with The Ukrainian Vyshyvka, a traditional embroidered design. It can be found on aprons, napkins, curtains and much more.


Ukrainian single women will often enjoy mainstream hobbies that are much more common around the world, including photography. Photography is increasingly popular with Ukraine girls, and the stunning architecture and landscape in the country lendы itself perfectly to this hobby. Digital photography has also made the hobby much cheaper for those wanting to try it.


Ukrainian single women take fitness seriously in many cases, and they love to have a competitive edge. Therefore, many women in Ukraine are taking up sports or go to the gym regularly to stay fit. Walking, running, cycling and football are just some of the sports which are increasingly popular among young women in Ukraine.

Ukrainian single women

Nature is my hobby! Let’s spend time in the fresh air together!


Ukrainian single women love to travel, both in their own country, but even more so overseas. The opportunity for them to see new parts of the world, experience different cultures and immerse themselves in new lifestyles is incredibly appealing. It also presents a great opportunity to impress your Ukrainian girl or spend some quality time with her if you’re able to do some traveling with her. Travelling with your special lady can help cement a strong relationship and share some memorable life experiences.


Reading is one of the world’s oldest and still most popular pastimes, and that’s no different in Ukraine. Ukrainian single women may count reading as a serious hobby, enjoying books and stories across many different genres of writing. Of course, romantic novels are especially popular, so if you’re trying to impress your Ukrainian girl, perhaps pay attention to her favorite books as an indication of what she may like.