Dating websites vs. social media: Where is it safer to find love?

Dating websites vs. social media: Where is it safer to find love?

There are many ways of meeting new people online, with more social media platforms and dating websites than ever before. But where is the safest place to find love online?

Social media has touched just about every industry and sector in the world, some of which it has revolutionized. It used for everything, from organizing events to finding love. However, dating websites have been around even longer, and still remain popular today.

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Why dating websites remain popular

As more social media platforms have emerged, so more-and-more traditional services have closed or been forced to adapt to run on social platforms. Dating websites, however, have continued to perform very much stand-alone roles, and for good reason.

Primarily, dating websites provide a platform for single men and women around the world who are looking for love to browse profiles of others in the same position. They allow users to find people with similar interests, careers and possibly even family situations, all of whom you can guarantee are interested in starting a new relationship – otherwise, they would not be on the website.

New online dating websites do crop-up regularly, offering different niches of partners for those looking for something specific in their next love. It helps create a targeted community, helping people to find the partners they want quicker and easier than ever before.

Social media on the other hand is doing a lot more than simply helping people find love. In fact, that’s likely a tiny part of what actually takes place. Social media is somewhere for friends to chat, perhaps long-lost acquaintances to find each other, businesses to sell you things and sometimes for you to meet new people.

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Which is safer for finding love?

The important thing to note with both social media and dating websites is that users need to always exercise caution from the outset, and be mindful that they don’t know who they may be talking to when starting new conversations.

However, online dating websites are probably safer when it comes to specifically looking for love. Not only is the community built around that very goal, but there are also many tools you can now use – and should use – to be as sure as you can that you are talking to who you think you are.

Most dating websites now offer services such as video chat, and even sending physical written letters to one another, so that you can be sure you at least know the person you are talking to is real. You can see them, hear them and via a website send a real letter to their home address. It also means that the website provider has a record of the person, and where they live.