Ways to Make Up a Quarrel With Your Asian Lady

Ways to Make Up a Quarrel With Your Asian Lady

When you are in a relationship with your Asian lady, it’s quite common to have some quarrels. Well, that’s how the relationship works, right. However, if you are not an Asian or belong to a different country of Asia, having fights with your Asian girlfriend from a completely different culture may occur. Just like you, your Asian girlfriend is a human being too. She or you may misunderstand one another and may end up fighting.

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And the truth is, fights are not unhealthy unless you know ways to make up after a quarrel. Your Asian lady expects a few things from you, but because they don’t say much, you may be completely clueless about what is happening so, if you are seeing an Asian woman and have recently had a quarrel with her, here some ways to make up.

Cooldown First and Try to Think

First, you need to cool down. Of course, when you are arguing, your rational mind will go for a toss. But the best thing that you can do is cool down for some time. Let her have some space, and you as well, go to another room and sit down for a while. You can’t patch up right away because this is something your brain won’t allow. If need be, go out and take a walk.

Analyze What Just Happened

Once you feel better, take some time to analyze what triggered that argument. Try to reflect upon it. Think about the incident. What made the fight take place, what started it, who said what. Anything that will help you to reflect better and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Asian women hate it when the same things get repeated over and over again. She will want you to understand. Hence, you must take some time to understand the whole situation.

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Go and Speak To Her

She may not be in a good mood, but an Asian woman won’t be disrespectful towards you if you tell her calmly to sit with you to have a word. Once she is there, try and express your feelings in a positive way. No matter who is at fault, it’s okay to take the initiative. Talk to her about the fight and discuss with her the wrong things that happened. Even if she is angry, tell her that you are here to find a solution and not to fight again. She will listen.

Patch Up

And if you feel that she is still furious, give her more time to relax. She will relax sooner or later. Moreover, say sorry to her for losing your cool, but tell her what has hurt you as well. Take her out for dinner, rather than asking her to cook. She will understand that you genuinely care for her. Talk about how you can stop such events from occurring in the future so that what has happened today won’t repeat tomorrow.