Traditional Russian Dishes You Should Try when Visiting Your Russian lady

Traditional Russian Dishes You Should Try when Visiting Your Russian lady

When you’re dating online chances are you’ll find a Russian lady, begin chatting and over time a relationship will blossom. Russian singles are very proud of where they come from but many are attracted to Western men. For this reason, they choose online dating in order to find that perfect partner like you. If a relationship begins to develop you might think about heading over to Russia to meet your Russian lady and see whether your relationship blossoms even further.

Borsch recipe to try with a Russian woman

Russian ladies know how to cook Borsch!

When you are in Russia or Ukraine, you’ll definitely want to eat out and be shown experiences of the country. So, here are traditional dishes which you should try when out.

Borsch is a signature Russian and Ukrainian dish which is a traditional soup made with beef and plenty of vegetables. Russian singles are likely to opt for this on a date as it is a very traditional dish and showcases a lot about their culture and heritage. The Borsch is usually topped with sour cream to give it a kick.

Your Russian lady might take you for some Pelmeni when you’re out and about. They are pastry dumplings which are usually filled with meat. You can opt for them on their own, slathered in butter, topped with sour cream or served in a broth and everywhere has their own take on them.

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Try Blini with your Russian bride!

When dating online you’ve talked about your favourite cuisines and chances are most Russian singles will have mentioned Blini. They are thin pancakes (more like crepes) which are served and eaten everywhere in Russian. Your Russian lady might prefer them as a sweet treat topped with sugar and chocolate, but they can be eaten savoury and sometimes even for breakfast with fruit jam.

When you and your Russian lady head out for food after dating online for a while chances are you’ll have to stop for a Pirog. They are Russian pies with puff pastry style crusts and delicate floral patterns imprinted in them. You can opt for a savoury or sweet filling ranging from a sweet apricot desert to a beef pie. Russian singles tend to have them quite often and they’re often eating during a lot of dates so make sure your Russian lady shows you the best ones on offer.

Russian women make the best pies in the world

Russian women make the best pies in the world!

If you’re out with your Russian lady, make sure you ask where the best place to get Solyanka is because it’s a traditional Russian dish and loved by many for a reason. Solyanka is a heartier soup, more like a stew in a lot of senses but can come in a fish version, a meat version or a mushroom version.

When dating online you might discuss a lot of things with your Russian lady about her heritage and culture and you are likely to want to jump on a plane right away and see your lady. If you do head to Russia or Ukraine you’ll have a great chance to meet your lady face-to-face and see if your relationship will progress. There is so much to do in Russia so make sure you and your lady experience all the food that the country has to offer.

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Visit your Russian lady end enjoy the best Russian dishes with her!