Traditional Instruments Chinese Singles Play

Traditional Instruments Chinese Singles Play

When Chinese singles are not spending time looking for their next date online, they like to fill their time with certain hobbies. Music plays a big role in Chinese tradition and the modern world is also filled with music. So, it is no surprise that Chinese singles like to play traditional instruments. So, which instruments can you expect to see Chinese singles playing?

Traditional Instruments Chinese Singles Play

Do you like music?

The Chinese Zither

This is a traditional instrument that has a history that reaches back more than 2,500 years. This large instrument contains as many as 26 strings and measures 1.63 metres in length.

It is common for this to be played by women and they will have to sit on a chair to play it due to its sheer size. It is an impressive instrument and one that is certainly perfect for starting a conversation when dating.

The Chinese Violin

If ever there was an instrument to impress a potential date with then the Chinese violin is all you need. This is a popular instrument that does require real skill to play. You may often see this instrument in opera performances and orchestras. The sound that it produces is rather melancholy, so it creates an upbeat and happy environment. As a result, if Chinese singles have the opportunity to play the instrument in front of a potential date then they are going to earn some serious points!

Traditional Instruments Chinese Singles Play

Let’s listen to the music together!

A Chinese Transverse Flute

Made from Bamboo, this instrument certainly looks as good as it sounds. The look alone tells you that this is most definitely traditional but when being played, it emits a beautiful sound. It is designed with six finger holes although there can be more but the real surprise is where one hole is covered using paper. This ensures that the flute creates a unique sound that is captivating and mesmerising.

They are simple to carry, so don’t be surprised if your date decides to bring one with them! However, what you are guaranteed is an evening of relaxing sounds!

The Chinese Lute

With only four strings and as many as 26 frets, this is a beautiful looking and beautiful sounding instrument. It has a unique pear shape that really stands out and it has been played for more than 2,000 years, so this really is as traditional as it can get. This instrument comes with many ancient stories and poems, many of these stories make for the ideal date when accompanied with the instrument.

Chinese Seven String Instrument

If you’re looking for something ancient, then Chinese instruments don’t come older than this. This is one of the oldest plucked instruments that you will find in China and it has a stunning unique design. This instrument represents the music culture in the country and you can easily listen to its subtle tones. 

There are a number of traditional Chinese instruments that Chinese singles might play. As they have a deep desire to continue tradition, if you are in the dating scene then you might come across some of these instruments.