Top tips for having an enjoyable phone conversation with your Russian lady

Top tips for having an enjoyable phone conversation with your Russian lady

If you want to get to know your Russian lady even better, or perhaps you feel your conversations are not as good as they can be, then these top tips on having an enjoyable telephone conversation could really help.

Speaking on the phone with your dream lady can be tricky at the best of times, but if your lady is in another country and speaks another language, it can be tricky to really enjoy your time on the telephone together.  So, ahead of your next (or first) call with your Russian lady, here are those tips:

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Have a translator if required

We’ve already touched on the language barrier between you and your Russian lady being a potential obstacle, so put plans in place to resolve this. Why not hire a translator to help with your call – they will be used to this type of thing, so do not feel as though your secrets are being shared with the world.

Better still, use a telephone service which is dedicated to this type of thing, such as the phone call translation service. Service like this help you to have a natural conversation with your Russian lady without the stress of finding your own translator, conference call facility, etc.

Have a list of things to say to your Russian lady

Sometimes, you can be that nervous about what to say or ask next, that you don’t enjoy the call with your Russian lady at all. Perhaps worse yet, you are so busy thinking about the next question that you do not listen to what she is saying, and she may get the feeling that you don’t care or want to listen.

One great way to get around this is to write a list of questions or subject areas that you’d like to discuss before you call. This will help fill in for any awkward silences, and help you focus on actually enjoying the call.

Listen, and ask relevant questions

If you’ve got translation sorted, and have drawn up a list of potential topics to discuss with your Russian lady, the final thing to do is to listen to her responses. This will allow you to craft a much more natural conversation which will be a great deal more enjoyable for both of you. Listen to what she says, and then develop the conversation from there, asking natural follow-up questions and responses of your own. This natural style of conversation will make the call really enjoyable, and rapidly help develop your relationship.

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