Stages of Online Dating – from 1st Letter to Meeting in Real Life

Stages of Online Dating – from 1st Letter to Meeting in Real Life

Online dating is an incredibly popular way for individuals to find a potential romantic partner, and it is easy to see why it is increasing. Install an app, create a captivating profile, and find dates. Online dating allows you to focus on who you want rather than where they are. You can easily find someone who fits your profile in a different part of the world. 

Online Dating

Finding a date we win each other’s hearts.

However, sometimes finding the potential dates can be overwhelming when you are new to online dating. You wish you had a magic wand that helps your dream date to appear in the first three days that you are online. Well, it is an unrealistic expectation. 

There are different stages in online dating and following them will help you achieve your relationship goals. 

Here are the stages of online dating.

Joining a Dating App

Going online is the most popular and convenient way to find love right at your fingertips. However, to get started, you need to choose the right dating app or a website. One of the most popular online dating platforms is BeHappy2Day. The dating platform specializes in bringing together individuals who are searching for true love, romance, and ready to start a family. BeHappy2Day guides you through the process of creating a profile and matching it with a potential date and offers several other features like Live Chat, Live Video Chat, phone introduction, send virtual gifts, flowers, and more. Our dating app has translation and interpretation services that eliminate any language barriers and make communication online enjoyable. 

Create your Profile

The second stage of online dating is creating an alluring profile. The profile includes your photos and a bio with your interests and hobbies. Consider your profile as your resume of love. Start with awesome photos. Include close-ups, full-body photos, one to two selfies, and group photos with family or friends. Then fill in the basic questions asked so the algorithm can send you compatible matches.  

Searching or Matching 

Online Dating

I’m looking for a man to meet both online and offline.

Once you are through with your profile, the fun begins. During the first few weeks of posting your profile, you will appear more in the searches, and more potential dates will check your profile. If they like you, you get a message from them. Check their profile and select the ones you like. Enable notifications for new messages and matches so you can respond quickly to get the conversation started. 


Once the potential match messages you, you should respond to the message. It is the stage of online dating that many people fear. They do not know what to say. When you message your potential date, do not just say hey or hi. Include a question (an icebreaker) and mention the match’s name. For example, Hi Clara! Has anyone told you you’ve got beautiful eyes? Or Hello, Kolby. I am so happy we matched. We must have similar tastes in movies. What was the last movie you watched? Once you get a reply, keep the momentum going. You can add emojis as per the conversation to make it fun. Once, you have exchanged a few messages, hop on to call or a video chat to see how you connect. 

Meeting in Person

After chatting or calling, the next stage of online dating is meeting the person. However, when dating internationally, meeting in person can take some time. The BeHappy2Day online dating platform has several features that help keep the momentum of dating going on. With the live video chat, you can meet your date virtually and share things as you would in real date. Your match might be chatting with multiple people, so schedule a virtual meeting soon. When you travel to the destination of your partner or they come to your place, meet in person.

When going on a first date, meet in a public place and provide your transportation. You can stroll through the art gallery, have coffee, or grab a light meal. If your date goes well, schedule a second one if possible.