Five signs that your Russian woman wants attention from you

Five signs that your Russian woman wants attention from you

Relationships can thrive if you’re attentive to your lady, and so recognizing the signs of when your Russian woman wants attention from you can be hugely important.

Some women will prefer more space and time than others, but regardless of what your Russian woman is like, you need to learn to read the signs of when your attention is not enough.

Signs that she wants more of your time and attention may be obvious, but they’re more likely to be less clear-cut. There may be subtle hints or changes in her behavior that give you the hint. To ensure your relationship is going to grow and remain strong, you should know the signs.

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Here are five such signs that your Russian woman may want more attention from you.

She tells you she wants more attention

Perhaps the most obvious signs will be the easiest to notice, so let’s start with the most obvious. If your Russian woman is quite forthright in her personality, she may simply just come out and tell you that she needs or desires more attention from you. In many ways, this is the ideal scenario as it cuts out the guessing on your behalf.

She’s disappointed when conversations end 

If your Russian woman seems disappointed when you must leave conversations or say goodbye, it may be that she really wants to spend more time with you, or more time speaking with you online. If that’s the case, you should look to move things on and identify opportunities to spend more time with each other, or talking together.

She drops hints about needing more

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Many women are not quite as simple to read and you’ll have to be observant as to when she may be dropping hints. It may be that your Russian woman drops comments into the conversation such as “I wish was could speak more often” or “I speak to my friends more than I speak to you”. Some, such as the second one, may be indirect, but you will still need to recognize that this is her way of telling you that she wants more attention from you.

Your Russian woman becomes distant or reluctant to speak for short periods

For some women, not being able to get as much attention as they desire from their men may lead them to be more distant. Your lady may not want to get involved in those short 5-10-minute telephone conversations or chat sessions. If your lady shows signs of losing interest, you may really have to look at giving her more attention to keep the relationship alive.

She may seem bored on calls

If your Russian woman seems bored on calls or during conversations, it may be natural for you to think that she’s losing interest. It may not be that clear-cut, however. It’s highly likely that she is still interested but needs more from the relationship to invest herself in to. More exciting activities on calls, face-to-face meetings and other activities that will make her feel valued.