Love Style Quiz: How Do You Show Your Love for an Online Mate

Love Style Quiz: How Do You Show Your Love for an Online Mate

In these digital times love knows no boundaries and how we show affection has evolved thanks to our technology. Online relationships have become common due to dating apps and websites. Expressing love to an online mate is different from traditional face-to-face interaction. In this article we are going to look at the types of love and how they manifest in online dating.

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This is passionate love that represents desire and physical attraction. When dating online this kind of love manifests itself via intense initial bonds that are based on shared interests and physical appearances. The partners go through a rush of excitement while swiping right on a user’s profile that they find attractive. It is important to note, however, that Eros alone cannot lead to a long-term relationship with an online mate.


This is the friendship love. In online dating, Philia manifests itself after the initial interaction. As online mates get to know each other via shared experiences and chats a deep connection can develop. Online mates can find themselves creating meaningful relationships before moving on to romantic relationships.


This kind of love shows itself among family members depicting comfort and familiarity. Dating online can lead to Sorge love when online mates connect based on backgrounds or shared values. The shared history and a sense of belonging can help build a strong and lasting bond.


This type of love is unconditional and selfless love that is focused on the well-being of online mates. This kind of love is rare in online dating but it is not impossible to occur. It shows up when online mates prioritize their partner’s needs above their own needs. It is expressed through acts of kindness, empathy, and support.

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This type of love represents playfulness and flirting which is often symbolized by teasing and lightheartedness. In online dating, it manifests itself via witty messages, playful banter, and also a sense of humor. It helps break the ice and make the first stages of dating enjoyable.


This is mature and practical love that puts into consideration long-term goals and compatibility. In online dating, this type of love manifests itself when individuals thoroughly evaluate potential partners based on shared values, compatibility, and life plans.

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This type of love is representative of self-love and is very important in the context of online dating. Before finding love online mates must understand and love themselves. Self-acceptance and self-awareness play a critical functioning creating meaningful and healthy relationships online.

In summary, online dating is a broad platform where various types of love can come up. Understanding these seven Greek types of love can help online mates navigate the digital landscape more effectively.