Are Long-Distance Relationships Possible For Single Parents?

Are Long-Distance Relationships Possible For Single Parents?

Long-distance relationships are never easy and always take a bit of adjusting for both parties. Single parents are no exception.  When you factor in being a single parent as well this can throw in some more hurdles. These aren’t always easy to get over.

Are Long-Distance Relationships Possible For Single Parents?

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Juggling Dating and Being a Parent

As a single parent it’s even harder if you first start dating and aren’t ready for your new partner to meet your children yet. Opening yourself up to long-distance relationships can make this harder.

This could mean you will potentially have to be away from your children when you go and see your partner.  Trying to juggle childcare and time management can be stressful.

One thing you will need to make sure you have in place at the start is good communication. Before committing to any long-distance relationships you must be willing to communicate. Discuss how you can keep in touch in all different ways if you aren’t able to meet up in person regularly.

It is important to make sure you can set time to talk to each other either by text or phone daily. Ensure you keep up that communication with each other. Both of you need to make sure you are open and honest with the expectations of how much you can talk to each other.

Long-distance relationships can be amazing but tough. Things like virtual dates and long, fun phone conversations can really help.

Are Long-Distance Relationships Possible For Single Parents?

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Setting Expectations

You also need to be open and honest about what you expect from the other partner. This is the same with any new relationship and not just long-distance relationships. Ensure you discuss how quick you are willing to move. Most importantly be honest about how you are feeling.

Being involved in long-distance relationships means you don’t have the time to argue and worry. You need to ensure you are on the same page at all times as at some point you will probably have to commit to relocating. When you factor in children this can be an extremely difficult decision for single parents to make. It can take time to build up that trust in a long-distance relationship as you won’t see the other person regularly. This means you don’t get to read their body language or facial expressions. Instead, you only have their words to go by and sometimes they can be read in a different way to how intended. You should always ask outright if anything is bothering you or worrying you.

Things To Look Forward To

Make sure you always have your next visit planned in. This gives you both something to look forward to. Ideally you should ensure you are both making the effort to see the other person and it’s not just one way. Long-distance relationships give you the opportunity to visit new places; which is always lots of fun!

When you are ready to introduce a child especially as a single parent it is a big decision to make and should be taken slowly and with great care. Ensure you speak to both your children and partner about what to expect and how you hope things go. Long-distance relationships can work out as long as both parties are completely open.  Be honest and spend time, care and consideration to each other.  It can be amazing being involved in long-distance relationships. They just take a little more effort than if you were dating someone local. This is especially true for single parents trying to juggle and make everything work.