How Russian Women Express Their Love

How Russian Women Express Their Love

Everyone’s heard the expression “love is a universal language”, but let’s face it. Love is not that simple. The wrong words, the wrong tone of voice, the wrong timing and most of all a difference in culture can make love very complicated. This article will help ease those dating Russian girls decode love from their ladies.

Attention on the Details

Russian women focus on the small details to show how she cares. Rather than focusing on lots of “I love you” utterances, you’ll find that these ladies will put the effort in preparing a meal of your favorite foods or looking for details of things you like or dislike. Don’t be surprise if she’s providing you with a gentle reminder for your parents’ anniversary or taking the time to help iron your suit for an interview you have coming. She’ll take an interest in your hobbies and will make the time to join in on!

Less Declaration but More Meaning

As said before, rather than repeating “I love you” multiple times a day, her declaration of love will come in moments that have meaning. During a candlelit dinner, while cuddling on the couch or after celebrating wonderful news. When she says those three words, the Russian love of your life will be saying it with true feelings dripping off each word.

Giving Gifts

russian girl giving gifts as a sing of love

Normally, men are expected to produce gifts and in a lot of cultures it might seem rare for Russian women to do the same. With an eye for detail, she will do her best to provide gifts that will provide a pleasant surprise. Most women will focus on gifts that will bring about some bit of joy as well as being useful through your day. If you find your lady providing you with gifts on a weekly basis, it is her way of showing how much she cares for you and wants to make you happy.

Spend Time In The Mirror

As part of the dating culture in Russia, girls will take the time to dress up before a date. This isn’t just a matter of some mascara and nice shoes. Often, she will invest in a new dress and start preparing for a date several hours prior. Ultimately, her goal is to find a look that will gain admiration and appreciation from you. If there’s any one outfit of hers that she knows you enjoy, don’t be surprise if she wears it the most!

She Will Laugh At Your Jokes

Yes, even the corny ones. Russian men often make the effort to display their storytelling skills to try to make their female partner laugh. Chances are she was raised around this kind of cultural norm and will make the effort to laugh at your stories or jokes. This even includes the not-so-funny stories. Don’t take offense if you hear a forced chuckle here or there. It is just her way of showing she’s interested!

Love is a complex language but never let that stop you! Dating Russian girls is not as complex as stereotypes will have you believe. With open communication and patience, you’ll find yourself happy with your Russian love.