The definitive guide to video chat

The definitive guide to video chat

Technology today helps us to build new friendships and grow relationships with ladies around the world easier than ever before.  Central to this is video chat.

Using video chat to speak to your loved one on regular, often daily, basis is more popular than ever.  It helps couples to stay in touch even when they may be on opposite sides of the world, providing a level of intimacy only otherwise available when meeting in person.

So, whether you’re in a new relationship, or if you’ve been in a relationship for some time, here is your definitive guide to getting the most out of video chat.

1) Take pride in your appearance

We start with what is quite a simple tip on the face of it, but it’s amazing how many people overlook it.  It’s important to take pride in your appearance when preparing to video chat. Don’t go over the top, but make sure you look smart and well groomed – comb/brush your hair, wear neat clothing and make sure you’ve had a shave.  If you treat it as though you are about to meet your lady in a bar for a date, then you cannot go wrong.

2) Be yourself

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Wherever you are up to in your relationship, it’s important to be yourself. Primarily, we mean that you should act as you would do if meeting in person, but also dress as you would.  The one thing you really do not want to do in video chat is to give the wrong impression about yourself or dress yourself up to be someone you’re not.

Relax and try to talk and act as you would on a normal date. Being authentic is absolutely vital when video chatting, and it won’t take long for your lady to see straight through you if you are not genuine.

3) Make eye contact

Even though you’re talking via a webcam, perhaps, take the time to make eye contact. This may not mean looking directly at your lady all of the time, but instead look at the camera or around the area of the camera – this is where she will be seeing you from.

4) Be open

Finally, if you’re not yet used to chatting to your lady, you need to make sure you start by being open to communication. Your genuine interest and desire to talk may influence your communication positively. The more you video chat, exchange messages, and talk, the more comfortable you both become and it will be easier to understand one and other while dating online.