Choose your Russian Lady by hair color!

Choose your Russian Lady by hair color!

It is an open secret that hair colors can say a lot about women’s personalities and characters. Take our short quiz and find out, which Russian lady is perfect for you: a romantic blonde, a self-confident brunette, or an unpredictable redhead.

blonde russian woman

Am I your Russian princess?

1. What present would you like to give to your Russian lady on the date?

 A) A bunch of white roses and a teddy bear

 B) Dark chocolates and a red rose

C) Multicolor gerberas and a bright scarf

2. What would be your ideal way to spend an evening with your Russian bride?

 A) You and your Russian lady would go for a romantic dinner and spend the evening talking

B) Going to see a movie and having a healthy debate afterward about your thoughts on the film

C) Something physical which will unleash both of your competitive natures

3. When embarking on online dating what do you look at first when looking for a Russian lady?

 A) Someone who talks fondly about wanting to fall in love and find her perfect partner

B) Someone who talks about her hobbies and life and has some similar pastimes to yourself

C) Someone who comes across as a positive person and isn’t too heavy with what she put on her profile

red hair russian woman

You will never get bored with me!

4. What do you want from a relationship with a mail-order bride you’ve found while online dating?

A) Someone who you can fall in love with and create a perfect family unit with

 B) Someone who you can talk to throughout the night and never grow bored of

C)  Someone who always has your back and will be there for you through thick and thin

5. If you were looking to take your Russian lady on holiday where would you choose to go?

A) A private beach resort where you can lay in the sunshine uninterrupted

B) A city break where you can both explore the surroundings and make your own memories

A) A sunshine break with a boat ride, taking part in water sports and going on day trips

6. You have decided to make a romantic dinner for your Russian lady. What dishes will be on the menu? 

A) Oysters followed by truffle-infused salmon all hand cooked by you

B) Something adventurous like homemade sushi followed by a trio of desserts including lemon cheesecake and chocolate lava cake.

C) You investigate your Russian woman beforehand to work out her favorite dishes and make sure this is what you make.

Russian lady

Let me show you my temperament!

7. How long would you wait before introducing your Russian lady to your family?

A) If I feel that she is the right person for me then I won’t wait long as it’s important that she gets on well with my family

B) I’d love my Russian bride to meet my family but only when she is ready to do so

C) I’m not in a rush for her to meet my family until things get a lot more serious

8. What would be the worst habit a mail order bride could have?

A) If she is too loud and outspoken

B) If she is cold and unromantic

C) If she gets easily upset and can’t see the good in situations.

Now check your results and find the answer

If you chose more A answers then your Russian lady should have blonde hair because you’re looking for a sweet, cute, and kind lady who is a true romantic at heart.

If you chose more B answers then your Russian bride should be a passionate and smart brunette who isn’t afraid to speak out and likes healthy debates.

If you chose more C answers then choose a redhead among Russian ladies as you’re looking for a cheerful, positive woman who will keep you on your toes.

Russian lady

Find your Russian bride by hair color!