Top 8 activities for August meetings with your Russian lady

Top 8 activities for August meetings with your Russian lady

By now you’ve probably signed up with our dating agency, have been talking to some beautiful Russian singles and found a lovely Russian lady whom you have a connection with and want to meet in real life. If so, it’s great, but have you thought about what activities you want to do with the Russian lady when you meet her? When you first started speaking through the website, you may have picked up a hint or two, but let us help you and show some activities many Russian women would love.


Until the middle of August Perseids meteors can be seen in the sky, so why not take your Russian lady stargazing? You could pack a picnic with all the best foods, grab a bottle of champagne and relax under the stars.

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Treasure trail

Russian singles are bound to love a good treasure trail. Why not write clues to guide your Russian lady around town stopping at her favourite places on the way. Communicating with your lady, you’ll know where to stop. What about having a cup of coffee at her favourite coffee shop, cake at her favourite cafe or a trip to the movies to see a film she loves?

Rooftop dinner

During the summer months, we’re sure Russian singles would rather be outside than stuck inside of a hot building, but this doesn’t mean you can’t go for a nice dinner. If you’ve already found out many things about your lady’s interests and the city she lives in, you’ll probably have an idea of her favourite cuisine, so find a rooftop restaurant serving her favourite food if there is one in her city.

Outdoor cinema

During the warmer months, outdoor cinemas pop in many Russian big cities, so you can sit outside with your Russian lady and enjoy a movie in the fresh air. Maybe you may opt for a romantic comedy, or choose one of her all time favourites.

Walk on the beach with your Russian lady

Organize a day trip to a beautiful beach and walk along the sandy shores chatting and finding out more about one another. Take along a picnic and enjoy your dinner alfresco.

Water sports

Not all Russian singles will love the adrenaline rush of water sports if you have a thrill seeking Russian lady then water sports would make a great unusual date. Of course, you’ll want time to grab a drink and chat afterwards but she’s bound to remember a date like this.

Rent a bike

Exploring local towns can be fun, but on a bike, you can see places in a whole new light. If your Russian lady is very active and having a bicycle trip sounds interesting to her, try to find out her favourite places and organize a day out biking around town.

Go fruit picking

There are some women found of nature and spending time out of the city. If your Russian lady is one of them and you’re looking for an unusual option for going out, then go fruit or berry picking. There’s plenty of time to chat as you walk along and at the end, you’ll get a basket of fruits or berries to eat as you settle down for the evening.

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