5 Things to Consider About Time Difference When Dating a Russian Single Online

5 Things to Consider About Time Difference When Dating a Russian Single Online

When you’re enjoying the exciting world of international dating, being able to effectively build a relationship with a Russian single while contending with a time difference is important.

The different time zones around the world are something you often only think about either when you travel or perhaps if you work for a business that does trade overseas. However, when you’re dating women from other parts of the world, you need to be conscious of the time zone in which she is located.

If you forget that there is a difference in time, or even if you don’t know

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how big that difference is, it can lead to miscommunication and can harm the chances you have of enjoying a truly wonderful relationship with the Russian single.

So, here are a few things to consider when it comes to time difference and dating a Russian single online.

Know your time difference

Depending on where you are located and where your Russian single lives, the time difference can be anything from just a few hours to nearer half a day. If you’re located on the east coast of USA and your Russian single is in Moscow, there will be an 11-hour difference between your two time zones.

There are ELEVEN different time zones in Russia

Following on from the point above, don’t just search for the time in Moscow, for example, to find your what time it is where your Russian single is. Russia has a staggering 11 different time zones across the country, so make sure you identify which one she is living in.

Arrange a convenient time to meet

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Whether you have a three-hour difference or more than 12 hour difference, the important thing is to communicate with your Russian single to ensure you arrange convenient times and days on which to meet online. This will ensure you’re both comfortable and ready for the chat.

Be flexible

You may always think that the evening is the most convenient time for you to speak to your Russian single online. However, this could mean that it is early morning for her. So, be fair and be flexible. Take turns to chat in the morning or evening and at a time that is convenient.

Being aware of times can help communication

If you know what the time difference is between you both, then you know what mood or situation, or Russian single may be in. For example, if you’re relaxing at home on a Sunday night, she may be rushing to get ready for work on a Monday morning. So, think about where she is and what she may be doing.