4 Important Things To Know Before Dating a Latin American Woman

4 Important Things To Know Before Dating a Latin American Woman

No matter where in the world you come from, your culture and heritage is going to play a strong role in shaping and forming your habits and patterns. While there are no 100% hard and fast rules when it comes to dating, there are certainly some cultural traits that almost all Latin American women will share. In short, dating Latin American women is not like dating European, Asian or African American women. If you understand a few unique cultural differences about Latin American women, then you are more likely to be able to build a successful relationship with a Latina. Here are 5 things you need to know before dating Latin American women.

1. Family is everything

And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. If you want to date a Latina, don’t expect her to move with you if you get a promotion that requires you to move or a better paying job elsewhere. If your parents get sick or ill, you can bring them to you or go and take care of them, but don’t expect her to move close to them unless she has family there as well.

2. Community is next

Because family is so important to Latinas – and they have BIG families – they are also part of an incredibly strong community. While she may socialize with your European, Asian or African community, she will never be a part of it in the same way she is a part of her own. Latinas can be excellent partners for people without close family or large communities, but the sheer size of their community can sometimes be overwhelming.

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3. She won’t need you as much

Coming from such a large family and community, chances are good that if her car breaks down or she needs money to pay a bill, she will have a brother, sister, aunt, parents and numerous cousins to turn to for help. Most of which she will most likely be more inclined to turn to for help before you. While this can be a relief for some, many men resent not being the person their lady turns to in a crisis. There are always exceptions to this, but generally speaking, Latinas will often turn to their families for help before you.

4. Get ready to deal with a LOT of emotions

Latina brides are well known for their fiery tempers, but they also have soft, tender hearts. This can make a powerful combination, but it also makes for a lot of emotional ups and downs. Not only are Latinas very emotional themselves, but they demand much more emotionally from their men as well. Latinas are generally the absolute antithesis of European “ice queens,” so you’ll most likely never have to spend a single minute wondering whether or not she is angry with you. If you’re lucky, she’ll just tell you verbally, but she might just as easily tell you with a projectile aimed at your head. One way or another, however, if she’s unhappy, she will let you know.