How to maintain a relationship with Ukrainian ladies?

Ukrainian ladies are a pleasure to be around, and if you want to ensure that your relationship builds up into a strong and long-lasting one, then you need to be saying and doing those right things. Like any sort of romantic relationship, you need to be willing to give your woman plenty of time and…

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Newest international dating trends worth trying this autumn

The digital world in which we live is a fast-paced one. And it extends to international dating which is constantly developing new ways for couples to meet each other. International dating sees new trends develop on a regular basis. Those trends help you meet potential matches, form stronger relationships or just make communication easier. If…

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Russian dating sites: Why are they so popular?

Russian dating sites have taken the world of internet dating by storm, but if you’re new to them, you may be wondering what makes them so popular? Since online dating become a thing back in the mid-1990s, men and women around the world have been able to broaden their horizons and meet new people they…

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Russian Mail Order Bride Myths That Are Simply Not True
False myths about Russian mail order brides that are not true.

There are many unfortunate myths and misconceptions about Russian mail order brides that have been passed around for years. People in other countries hear the term and immediately think of uneducated women escaping a life of poverty to live in America with a sugar daddy. Alternately they think of any man who claims to have…

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Why The Best Way To Meet Russian Women Is Through Dating Websites
Meet Russian women through dating websites

Have you ever thought about dating a completely different type of woman than the one you are used to? There are many reasons why you may feel yourself in dire need of a change. It may be that American women are a bit too pushy, too clingy, or even transparently greedy for your liking. It…

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How Russian Women Express Their Love
russian woman expressing love

You will know your Russian woman loves you when she will express her love in these non-verbal signs or just a couple of them.

4 Tips to Know About Finding a Russian Bride
Finding a Russian bride

If you are looking for a Russian bride there are certain aspects that you must keep in mind for a successful relationship, aspects that we share here.

Reasons Why Every Man Should Date a Russian Woman
reasons why dating a russian woman is awesome

Russian girls….ooh la la! No matter how short or long the relationship, it’s always worth entering into Shangri-La for a brief time; you’ll be forever changed, and you’ll have a new set of standards for what is possible in a relationship. What is it that makes these ice princesses so coveted, so sought after? Is…

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Russian traditions: Celebrating New Year by the rules of your Russian bride

If you’re looking forward to spending New Year with your Russian bride this year, then it’s well worth knowing how the event is celebrated traditionally in her home country. By making your New Year celebrations more familiar and relevant for your Russian bride, she is likely to enjoy it more and feel a lot more…

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Why is the smile of a Russian woman so special?

A sign that things are progressing well in a relationship is when you can make your partner smile regularly, but the smile of a Russian woman is particularly pleasing. Being able to bring a smile to the face of your Russian woman is a quality that you should embrace. There are few better feelings than…

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