Russian Mail Order Bride Myths That Are Simply Not True

False myths about Russian mail order brides that are not true.

There are many unfortunate myths and misconceptions about Russian mail order brides that have been passed around for years. People in other countries hear the term and immediately think of uneducated women escaping a life of poverty to live in America with a sugar daddy. Alternately they think of any man who claims to have a mail order bride as someone unable to get women any other way. None of that could be farther from the truth. Here is the truth about some common misconceptions.

They Want Money And To Escape From Russia

One of the most common myths around mail order brides is that they are only after a man with the money to help them escape a poor, miserable life in Russia. While economic stability is vital in everyone’s life, it isn’t the reason most of these women seek husbands online. Most of them are well educated and work hard at their chosen careers.

According to a 2014 rating by Pearson/Economist Intelligence Unit, Russia is the 8th best at education in Europe. Also, according to the OECD, Russian women have the highest rates of university-level education in the country. Many have jobs and are happy to work for their own money. The myth of woman looking to escape Russia by hooking up with a sugar daddy is just that. A myth.

Single Russian woman out for a walk outside.

You Can Literary Buy a Bride

Despite popular misconceptions, mail order brides are not for sale. They are not working for the dating agency and are not planning to scam anyone. These are normal, healthy women who want to find love within a lasting, healthy relationship. They have chosen to look for a husband overseas because they have been unable to find a suitable partner at home, much like the men who use these sites to find a bride.

Relationships With Mail Order Brides Never Last

This one stems from the myth that mail-order brides are only after money and visas; another aspect of them only looking to escape their miserable lives in Russia. Again, this is simply untrue. It is difficult for anyone to pick up and move to a foreign land. This usually means leaving their families behind along with everything they have ever known. It’s certainly not a decision made lightly. Mail order brides are looking for partners and love.

The truth here is that many Russian mail order brides decide to find love with someone from a foreign country because it’s so hard to find a man in their own country. Russian women outnumber Russian men in a ratio of 100:88. There simply aren’t enough eligible men to go around. When a woman is ready to find love or start a family, she often has to look outside of her country to find a pool of available men.

Some Russian mail order brides have careers and work hard. Some want to raise families as their main job. Like women in any other place, they all have different desires, interests, and life goals. Ignore the myths and misconceptions and love may be just around the corner.