The Difference between a Mail Order Bride and a Russian Bride

Difference between mail order bride and Russian bride

Are you confused about the difference between a mail order bride and a Russian bride? The two terms are often taken as the same thing, and that is where the problem lies. People start thinking of all Russian women as mail order brides, and if they see a Russian bride they can’t distinguish. In order to help you come to grips with this whole phenomenon, here is the difference between a mail order bride and a Russian bride:

The Mail Order Brides

Whenever someone thinks about mail order brides, their mind immediately goes to dating websites where there are thousands of women that are catalogued in an online listing. The majority of people think that these Russian women are bought from internet dating sites, so that they may travel to different countries and marry the men who paid for them. However, there is no such thing as a mail order bride.

Many people refer to women on international dating websites as mail order brides, but they fail to understand the fact that these women are not being sold and you can’t throw money at them and expect to buy a wife for yourself. So the women you see on Russian dating websites are not for sale, even if many people refer to them as mail order brides.

The Russian Brides

Smiling Russian bride in white dress

Many people often associate Russian women on dating websites as Russian brides, but you would be foolish to assume that these women can be bought. They think that Russian ladies can be bought to become wives in your country, but the fact of the matter is that these women are only looking for dating opportunities and are not for sale.

Another thing to take into account is the fact that most of the women from Eastern Europe are referred to as Russian brides, not only the women from Russia. Men from all over the world are fascinated by women from Russia and therefore pursue them on international dating websites.

Long Story Short

To make a long story short, men from all over the world have got a false perception about the mail order bride and Russian brides. The women on international dating websites are not being sold and have never been for sale, so it would be better if you ignore all the myths and disregard the stereotypes that have crept into the dating industry.